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Jones 5 Star Ranch

Awesome Homemade Goats Milk Soap and Felted Products Naturally

  Homemade Goats Milk Soap

Homemade Goats Milk Soap

Welcome to Jones 5 Star Ranch! We are the Jones Family (Herb, Christina, and Reba) and our mini ranch is located in southern Greene County, Indiana. On our ranch we raise and love Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats, Shetland Sheep, and Angora Goats. Our Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats supply all the milk for our homemade goats milk soap. We raise and breed our ND for milk production. Nigerian Dwarves are known for their high butterfat milk from 4-9%; which is higher than standard dairy goats. Our extra creamy rich milk makes awesomely mild super fatted soap to nourish the skin. Our milk has been tested in one day milk test to be in the range of 6 to 9 % butterfat. We have also showed them in American Dairy Goat Association confirmation shows and have done quite well. We milk only by hand twice daily every day. We feel hand milking keeps us informed about our goats. And honestly Reba and Christina enjoy the time spent with the goats milking. Our goats are only fed healthy grains, hay and are walked out in our pasture daily. We believe that good wholesome milk starts with good quality grains and greens. But more importantly we truly love having our goats and we all feel they are apart of our family, not just farm animals. We bottle feed all our kids (baby goats). And occasionally have some to sell. We started making soap many years ago because Christina?s body cannot tolerant any chemicals.

Our first soaps made we just castile soap which means they were made of mostly olive oil, lye and rainwater. Once we added these awesome little goats to the ranch then our soap was the best ever. We started out giving it away as Christmas?s gifts and the next thing we knew orders were pouring in.

Our soap is made like it was in pioneer days with the natural chemical reaction of saponification occurring. The glycerin that is a natural by-product made during this reaction is left in our soap to benefit your skin. No alcohol or other harsh chemicals are ever added to our soaps. We use natural wholesome ingredients. We handcraft the soap in small batches to ensure a quality product using the cold process method. Since the soap is completely made by hand no two bars will be completely alike in shape. We hand cut each bar and test one bar from each batch to ensure the great quality we expect from our soap. Each bar will weigh between 3.5 oz to 5.5oz, unless otherwise listed. We sell these bars at $5.00 each. We allow our soaps to cure for at least 4 to 6 weeks. We have on purpose keep four bars of soap for over 18 months and used them to see how they were after this period. They were very hard bars but were still a marvelous soap. Goat?s milk soap has almost the same pH level as our skin and benefits the skin by protecting the skin from daily bacteria. It has natural occurring cream in it and our goats butterfat has been listed as high as 7.8% in daily tests at the shows, which makes an extremely rich soap. All goats milk contains natural emollients, vitamins, and triglycerides that are wonderful for your skin, even Cleopatra from Egypt knew the benefits of milk baths. We never use powdered milk, only our fresh awesome milk from our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Our soap is gentle enough to use as a full body soap and a facial soap and on children. We make all the soaps with a variety of oils, including olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil. Each bar has a label listing the exact ingredients. Olive Oil is a wonderful oil for soap as it helps prevent the loss of your skins natural moisture. Olive oil helps keep skin soft and supple. It gives small silky bubbles in the soap and adds hardness to the bar, great for sensitive skin. Coconut oil makes wonderful rich lather with some moisturizing properties this oil adds hardness to the bar. Palm oil is a wonderful oil makes a great lather, adds mildness to the bar and cleans well.

Our main soap is 100% natural with no fragrance added at all. We call this soap our Baaasic Goat?s Milk Pure & Natural Soap. We have many different kinds that we make. We even have a Castile soap with no goat milk added for those who customers wanted only a vegetable soap. We call it the Veggie Soap. We also sell the hand knitted wash clothes made from USA cotton yarn and our soaps of course in them for 9.00.

We have been told by several of our customers, ?Our family will not use anything but your great soap. It has helped our skin!?

Pamm G. of Ellettsville, Indiana states

"RE: BAAASIC LUXURY ` Thank you for sending the soap ? they are wonderful! I had forgotten how good your soap smells, and how thick the lather is ? I almost ran out of hot water this morning I was enjoying my shower so much ? really! I used the spearmint/basil soap today and loved the fragrance. All of them have a great fragrance ?they are all AAAAA++++++ " 

Susanne states in a email to the farm " Seriously, I've tried other 'local' soaps and yours is the best"

Thanks Pamm and Susanne and the many others for the wonderful comments! We are glad you appreciate a great quality product!

For more information you can email us at jones5starranch (@) . Please take out the () when emailing. Or you can call us at 812-699-eight560.

Jones 5 Star Ranch Policies

All soap and soap products are non returnable due to health regulations. We do not accept returns on soap or soap products at the ranch outlet, farmer's market, or those ordered via online, or in person, due to regulations.

Our soaps are for external use only. We strive to produce the highest quality products. However, some oils and essential oils may be irritating to sensitive skin or people with allergies. Purchase of this product affirms that the customer accepts all responsibility for the use of the product. Before using any handmade soap,you should perform a skin test to ensure that you are not sensitive to any ingredients used in the soap. Apply the soap in a normal fashion to the inside of your upper arm. If you are sensitive to an ingredient in the soap, an irritation will occur. Should you experience any irritation, discontinue use. Individuals who own and operate Jones 5 Star Ranch are not liable if a reaction of any kind should occur. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Always consult your physician if you are pregnant, lactating or have any other health conditions before applying these products. Keep out of eyes and mucous membranes.

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