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Jones 5 Star Ranch

Awesome Homemade Goats Milk Soap and Felted Products Naturally

  Felted Products

Our Felting Venture

Felted Wool Items

Here at Jones 5 Star Ranch we use the oldest method of making textiles. All three of us, Herb, Christina, and Reba design and make our items from shearing our precious animals to the finished product.

We wet felt scarfs, mittens, hats, purses, carrying bags and totes, slippers, vests, and coats. Alot of the time the item is just one piece of felt. Other times it is two or more pieces and we have sewn them together. We also use needle felting for some designs. We use raw fiber from our own Shetland Sheep and Anogra Goats that are raised right here on the ranch in southern Indiana. The Alpaca Fiber we use is usually from Wee Sheep Farm and the Indiana Fiber Shop. So the fiber is still awesome quality and "grown" in Indiana. We have been entertaining the idea to include Alpacas here at the ranch.

If we list the color as "natural" that will indicate that the color of the fiber came from the animal in that color. The other colors such as orange, red, green, blue, or purple came from us dyeing the raw fiber with koolaid. We use koolaid since we feel it is safer than chemical dyes. And since these items will be against someone's skin I prefer no harsh chemicals. And the best part is the whole house smells wonderful on dyeing days!

We will list what wools are used in each product.

Alot of time and even more hard work go into each of our products. If we are not happy with the product and wouldnt wear it ourselves then we will not sell it! Each of us enjoy making something with our hands that started as a gift from of fiber from our animals and results in a awesome usable item.

These are pictures of some of items we have made recently.

The first and third pictures our of small totes and even the strap is made of wool. The second picture is of our mittens. The fourth is an example of our neck scarf. And lastly the fifth picture is a picture of our hair clips at the top and a clutch purse at the bottom. Most of the items are already sold but we are constantly making felted items and can make another close to the ones above if you like these. We also love doing custom projects just give us an idea of what you are wanting and we will do our best to bring it to reality!

You can contact us if you have a custom order either by email or calling us at 812-699-eight560. Any custom ordered item that is monogrammed we require payment in advance. If paying by check the check must clear your bank before we will ship your item. Checks are not accepted our booths without proper ID. We accept credit card and paypal even at the most our booths.


We recommend to hand wash your items in cool water with gentle soap. And rinse in the same temperature water. If you use hot water or wash vigorously your item might shrink! The best way to absorb the water is to lay the item on a towel and gently roll the towel up which will blot up the extra water. If you wring out the water please wring out VERY gently. Wring might cause you to have to reshape the item some. Lay flat on a towel to dry. (I do sometimes put an item on hanger and hang inside to dry). Your item can be ironed if needed on the wool setting. Be extremely careful doing this.

Storing your felted items

Moths LOVE wool as much as we do. So monitor for moths! It is essential if storing your item in a dark closet, cupboard, or drawer to either store first in a calico bag or ziplock plastic bag. I use my homemade cedar chest (Herb makes these too) to store mine in and the ones that HAVE to be in the close have lavender twigs tied on the hanger. Sometimes I dont have the lavender twigs and I use just a little essential oil of lavender or clove oil or cedar oil on a cloth and tie that to my hanger. Or hanging the cloth in the closet works well too.

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