Jones 5 Star Ranch

Awesome Homemade Goats Milk Soap and Felted Products Naturally

The back 40- God gave us a little taste of heaven!

Howdy....And welcome to Jones 5 Star Ranch.  Herb, Christina, Reba and Lee Jones operate our little mini ranch, where we are owned by a bunch of wonderful Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats, Mini Rex rabbits, a couple pigs, and a whole "gang" of Silkie Chickens, African Geese, Magpie & Khaki Ducks and various egg layer chickens.  We raise Black, Blue, and Splash colors in Silkies.   
      All our animals and crops are raised without chemicals in the fresh sunshine and country air.  We make a wide variety of items on the farm from all types of veggies, berries, grapes, herbs, to homemade goats milk soaps, soy candles, woodworking, custom t-shirts & coffee mugs, and much more crafts!

On 9-29-2019 we opened a small Cafe downtown Scotland, IN.  We call it Jones 5 Star Ranch LLC, Cafe & Bakery!  It is located in a white block building just south of the Scotland Snapper Mower Shop.  Our address is 7440 S.  West Gate Rd.  The Lord made a way for us to open and we have been plucking along ever since!   We feature good country cooking from scratch,  ALL DAY breaksfast.  Where the biscuits and gravy really "is" made from scratch!  We use our produce and meats first then local farmers, then  odon locker, then food suppliers!   We aslo have a small farm gift shop located within the cafe!  We have a small bakery too.  And Offer catering or special order bakery item 365days a year! We will be adding a page just for the Cafe!