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Jones 5 Star Ranch

Awesome Homemade Goats Milk Soap and Felted Products Naturally

The back 40- God gave us a little taste of heaven!

Howdy....And welcome to Jones 5 Star Ranch. Herb, Christina, Reba and Lee Jones operate our little mini ranch, where we are owned by a bunch of wonderful Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats, Mini Rex rabbits,a couple pigs, and a whole "gang" of Silkie Chickens, African Geese, Magpie & Khaki Ducks and various egg layer chickens. We raise Black, Blue, and Splash colors in Silkies.

All our animals and crops are raised without chemicals in the fresh sunshine and country air. We make a wide variety of items on the farm from all types of veggies, berries, grapes, herbs, to homemade goats milk soaps, soy candles, woodworking and much more.

Our booth at the 2019 Bloomington Farmer's Market will be booth #26; Same as last year. Our booth is in the middle of canopies 2 & 3, second from the last facing canopy 2 closer to B trail than the Showers building. We plan on having your awesome homemade soaps weekly and strawberries, blackberries, raspberries when in season and any extra veggies we have available at the time.

We plan on setting up our booth on Thursdays at the farm when we have produce available.